September 20, 2018

Mission Auto Transport - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the length of time it takes to transport my vehicle?

Normally, most state-to-state vehicle transport can require a typical time of 2 to 3 weeks. Transports along the coast will take less time, usually from 1 to 2 weeks at the most. Mission Auto Transport will communicate throughout shipment for the precise day and time your vehicle will arrive at its location.

There are couple situations in shaping the length your vehicle shipment should require in-route. First is the length between location of pickup and destination. Second, the time of year or weather conditions within the route that your vehicle will be traveling.

2. What type of tractor-trailers do you use to ship vehicles?

We have two types of trucks we use. The first is an open trailer, this is most common type of trailer use, and it is always safe and economical way to move your vehicle.  Second is the enclosed trailer, this type of tractor is usually selected for antique and high-end automobiles. If you have any questions about the type of transport please call, 786-232-1085.

3.  How much advanced notice is needed to secure my automobile reservations?

We usually require that your contact our office at least 14 days in advance for correct pricing and shipment availability.  We do also handle immediate shipment also, but exact time and pricing will vary.

4. What does it usually cost to ship an automobile?

Our cost effective rates are calculated by the type of automobile; pickup to delivery locations. Mission Auto Transport requires payment in checks, money orders, and credit cards. For cash-on-delivery shipments, fee must be completed with cash or a cashier's check upon vehicle delivery.

5.  Can I pack things in my vehicle?

Generally, we recommend that you do not ship any personal belongings inside your vehicle why because insurance is not covered for any objects kept inside the car, any extra weight in the car could damage the vehicle’s exhaust system, Objects inside the car could move around and damage the interior. However, a few small items packed in the trunk are acceptable.

6. What amount of insurance liability do you require of your transport trucks?  

Our trucks are insured up to 1,000,000 in vehicle damage viability and $250,000 toward any cargo shipments.  This means you have the piece of mind to know your automobile will be insured 100 percent of this value.  Your contract will have all the details of all your vehicles coverage.  Always read every part of your auto transport agreement before signing for shipment.

7.  Should I be in attendance for vehicle pickup and drop off of my vehicle?

Yes, you or a designated authorized person should be present at the time of vehicle pickup and destination.  If there is not an authorized individual at the time of drop-off of vehicle.  The automobile will be sent to designated area storage at an additional fee.

8.  Do you ship high-end luxury and antique vehicles?

Mission Auto Shippers can provide an enclosed high-end trailer for those type of vehicles that need to be protected by the harsh atmospheric conditions.

9.  Am I allowed shipping more than one vehicle at a time on your trailers?

Yes.  Our trailers can hold more to 10 automobiles at a time.  To insure all your vehicles make it to their destination at the same time.

10.  What is the payment option required for my auto shipment?

Deposit range from 10-25% of the entire transport cost. The reminder will be outstanding upon shipment. Mission Auto transport prefers compensation in cash or check though we offer the alternative of expense with credit cards.


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